Akonto – Your partner in finance

Akonto was founded in 1966, and has 32 employees in accounting, auditing and Salary/HR. We offer extensive competence in various economic questions, as well as innovative technological solutions customized to your needs and wants. As a customer, you get your own contact that knows your financial issues. Having a close relationship with our customers are important to us. Ask us about your financial and economic issues so that you can spend your time focusing on what you do best!

As an authorised accounting firm and member of Regnskap Norge (Norwegian authorised accountants association), our work is continuously controlled and quality assured to the current legislations, and our employees are at all times academically updated.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers achieve strong profitability, good liquidity and a safe workplace. Quality in the work that we do and respect for the profession, our customers and colleagues are among our core values to achieve this goal.

Contact us on phone number: +47 40 00 42 41 to book an appointment with one of our sociable and competent employees!

Our services


Periodical and annual accounting

Vat representation

Tax papers




Mandatory auditing

Finance manager to your Company


Salary and HR


Administrative tasks

Employment contracts

Work regulations

Job descriptions


Financial consultancy


Tax issues

Economic and financial analysis

Value assessments

Board assistance

Financial management

Establishement and corporate forms

Assistance in submission of various documents to Brønnøysundsregisteret

Convertion and transfer of business

Internal Control